Alaska Aerial Photos: The Best Way to Illustrate Any Alaskan Vacation

Alaska is the most rugged and naturally beautiful state in the country. It is not only the largest state, but it also has fewer residents than all but three others. This means there are countless untouched acres to explore and enjoy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get desirable travel photographs in a place that is so difficult to access. Here are four reasons why filling a scrapbook with unique Alaska images requires a creative solution.

Dangerous Wildlife Population

Visitors from states that have wolves and grizzly bears may feel they are prepared for whatever they may encounter in this remote wilderness. However, Alaska not only has these two predators, there are also Kodiak bears, cougars and moose and much more. All of these animals have the ability to end a vacation quickly.

Many Inaccessible Areas

Thousands of miles of highway would be needed to reach some of the most hidden away areas in Alaska. With mountains, lakes and thick forests all blocking the path, it is easier for the state to maintain only the minimum of what is needed. Backpacking, canoeing and mountain climbing remain important skills for anyone that wants to see more.

Abundance of Scenery

It would take months, or longer, to truly experience all Alaska has to offer. There is so much to see in every direction. A few lucky adventurers able to take this amount of time off and explore but everyone else is required to budget their time based on what matters most to them.

Unpredictable Weather Conditions

Travelers are told to be prepared for anything. Cold temperatures, rain and snow may arrive nearly anytime and some regions have very few hours of daylight during certain months of the year. A sudden storm could cancel a camping or hiking trip or make anything happening outside of the cabin or resort suddenly unappealing.

So, what creative solution is there for getting amazing travel photos? The best option is to choose the most innovative option available. Right now, that means getting Alaska aerial photos with the help of a drone. This technology makes it possible to photograph wildlife safely. It gives an eagle’s view of dangerous terrain and returns scenic shots that would be impossible from the ground. If traveling to “The Last Frontier” a drone is the best way to capture the magic of what it feels like to be there.