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Types of Land Surveying Equipment

Land surveying can be categorized as one of the ancient arts known to man. It is there in the historical records that deal with human evolution. Land survey takes measurements on the surface of the earth. Measurement of heights and distances are some of the activities that are involved in the land surveying. Land is the most important resources that people own. With the increase in population the need for surveying has risen high. Title deeds are issued when the subdivision is done on land. The professionals who are trained in this art are called land surveyors. For a land surveyor to be competent then he or she must be competent in the use of land surveying tools. Several land surveying equipment are available in the market. One of the initial tools is chain and the tape.

They are mostly used in land distance measurements of predetermined points. they are among the oldest equipment but they are still in use today. Other equipment used in the land survey is the theodolites. Theodolites are used to calculate the bearing on predetermined lines. When using them there is need to use controls where you will set up the theodolite. They are referred to as horizontal controls. They are established through the process of leveling. The tool that is used in this process is the level. One can get very many types of level including the digital and the analog ones. These controls created by levels are the starting points of any measurement done in land survey. Land survey equipment is the total station. This machine has an inbuilt electronic distance measurement system that computes distance. Distances and bearings are measured at the same time. There is a reflector that is used in conjunction with the total station as a target. Laser beam is the technology that is employed.

The recent technology has seen the innovation of a more advanced land surveying tool. For instances the GPS that stands for global position system. They are new in the market, and they come in various types. Satellites is the main principle used by the GPS. One of the most commonly used is the Trimble GPS. It is very accurate and more portable compared to other survey equipment. A software is configured that is specifically designed for surveyors. One of the main features of the interface is that it is easy to use. The GPS will provide storage space for all the data that is got in ground survey. External storage devices can be used in the storage. It can be said that invention of GPS. has changed land surveying They offer very quick process inland surveying and added portability nature. There are some factors that are to be put in mind when purchasing the land surveying tools. One should understand which kind of and survey is to be carried out. Consider also the accuracy level required in the land survey. The type of land surveying equipment used will affect the field results.